Looking at some mainstream critics **

Considering various critics in a bid to pin down what makes interesting / valid criticism.


I like the following idea from a Momus article: https://momus.ca/a-crit-of-the-crit/

Why not start with what brought each person [i.e. artist] to the room? Is it a moral question? A question about perception? A penchant for transgression? A wish to play? A longing for attention? A will to strike some kind of balance between the known and unknown, the regulated and unregulated, the ordered and disordered? A love of just touching things?

Jonathan Jones, Guardian







Laura Cumming, Observer


Adrian Searle, Guardian


Hannah Clugson, Guardian


Laura Freeman, The Times



Rachel Campbell Johnston, The Times



Waldemar Januszczak, The Times


Also, Momus, a website dedicated to Art Criticism in the Digital Age



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